From check-in to checkout and everything in between, Aila is helping businesses enable self-service experiences that are fast, intuitive, and convenient.


A better way to modernize, unify, and deploy self-service


Outperforms Legacy Systems

Extends the power, user experience, and security of iOS/iPadOS and features integrated power management, computer vision, peripherals support, and mounting options to fit any space.

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Scans 1D/2D/QR/IDs and More

Provides lightning-fast and accurate image-based scanning with live error detection and continual learning algorithms that read damaged, blurry and poorly printed barcodes with ease.

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Works with your App

Integrates with your native iOS app via our SDK — giving you more control over your customer and associate-facing experiences. Don’t have an app? We have partners that can help.

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One platform, endless
self-service experiences

Drop off and returns
self-service checkout POS
order entry

One platform, endless
self-service experiences

Drop off and returns

Pickups, Drop-Offs & Returns

Enable the speed and convenience of online shopping in your stores with self-service pickup, drop-off, and returns. Easily scans barcodes and smartphones to make the pickup and returns process fast, reliable, and convenient.

Self-Service Patient Check-In

Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk offers patients a safe and convenient option to check themselves in, eliminating paper forms and streamlining the intake process— saving time and money.
self-service checkout POS

Self-Service POS

Built with enterprise-versatility in mind, Aila's Interactive Kiosk works with leading payment terminals, printers, and more to offer a modern cashless checkout experience.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Allow customers to quickly and easily place their own orders while providing a personalized experience and maintaining safe distances

Visitor Management

Quickly deploy a streamlined and secure digital visitor management system that keeps your workplace safe and saves your team time.

Price Checking & Product Discovery

Go beyond the basics and create opportunities to engage shoppers and drive sales in-aisle with rich product information and personalized recommendations.
order entry


Slice lines and boost productivity at the deli and bakery counters. Provide shoppers ordering, nutrition info, and personalized recommendations.

Clienteling & Endless Aisle

Never miss a sale due to out-of-stock inventory. Provide in-store access to online stock and complete the payment right from the aisle.

Mobile Scanning

Easily add enterprise-ready barcode scanning to any iOS device at a fraction of the cost of traditional handheld computers.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative brands

Aila is the trusted technology partner to the world’s leading enterprise retailers, healthcare providers, and more.


Consumer trends come and go, but you don’t have to. Stay one step ahead by meeting ever-changing customer behaviors, maintaining an infrastructure that can easily scale, and launching new experiences quickly.


Modernize your practice to deliver a pain-free experience where the patient is always the focus. Provide patients with a faster and more convenient way to begin their visit while improving data collection rates and streamlining verification.


As everyday shoppers strive to streamline their lives, food retailers need to streamline with them. Connect the speed and convenience of online shopping with your grocery store experience on one scalable platform.

Warehouse & Distribution

From smart picking and inventory management to receiving and stocking, streamline operations across your warehouses with powerful scanning capabilities that work in challenging environments.

Quick Service Restaurant

Let customers take orders their way – while freeing up staff to focus on high-quality food and customer service. With a small footprint, an array of mounts and peripherals, add the speed and convenience of self-service on one flexible platform that grows with your business.

Travel & Hospitality

Enhance guest experiences, build brand loyalty, improve staff efficiency and boost the bottom line across your hotels, convention centers, and resorts. Provide personalized information and secure around-the-clock access with a swipe of a badge or smartphone.

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